Chronic Insomnia: # 316 “The 7-Eleven Of Pleasant”


Oh yeah, it's us again.  Time for some auditory vulgarity from the toxic twins of The City That God Forgot.  On this weeks exciting episode:

  • Ryan is always pleasant
  • Who gets leg cramps during Columbo?
  • Sandra Bullock & The 3 Sea Shell Liquid Orange Poop Incident
  • Cleopatra used to give 100 blowjobs at every party
  • The Knights Templar got their inspiration from Slipknot and Ace Of Base
  • Comic Books we read:  Lake of Fire #1, Deathstroke #1, Cinema Purgatorio #4 and Captain America #164.

All this and so much more on this weeks exciting show.  As always, we love the all of you.

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