Chronic Insomnia: # 315 “Poop In Rio”


Once again it's time to be assaulted by Chronic Insomnia.  On this weeks super late episode:

  • "Foolish Heart" has the laziest director in 80's music video history
  • Dennis Rodman breaks his cock...for a third time!
  • Batman Vs. Superman is dissected and reviewed
  • Ryan wants to be an assassin with a heart of gold
  • Hollywood movie execs obviously come from the streets of Brooklyn, or so Ryan thinks
  • Suicide Squad has a giant blue laser and Ryan doesn't like that
  • Comics we discuss:  Nothing this week except for Superwoman #1 (more to come on the next show)

All this and so much more on this weeks exciting show.  As always, we love the all of you.

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