Chronic Insomnia: # 311 “Dr. Pepper and Croissants”


Oh baby, it's that time once again.  Strap those naughty caps on and prepare to be doused with vulgarity and filth, it's the worlds most poop joke filled comic book podcast.  Yeah that's right we say insane and inappropriate things.  On this weeks show:

  • Ryan was right, as always (The Schneider Theory)
  • Someone encounters Ed Gein squirrels
  • Ryan eats enough sugar for three Ricky Lakes
  • Samurai made Mac-N-Cheese in World War Two
  • We finally review Deadpool
  • Darwin Cooke memories
  • Comic Book reviewed (in depth): SGT. ROCK: The Lost Battalion

As always, we love the all of you.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and honor those that fought and died for our country. 

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