Chronic Insomnia: # 310 “4 Chews & A Swallow”


It's time once again for another rousing performance by the toxic twins of comic books podcasting.  On this weeks insulting show:

  • Ryan enters the final stage of life, The Fanny Pack Era
  • Arya doesn't want to be called cute anymore
  • Our local comic book shop, Big Brain is closing
  • Who is "Dick Jesus?"
  • Nikki Cox seems to have melted
  • Comics we read: Carnage #1-7, Micronauts #1, Super Zero #5 and Essential X-Factor Volume 1.

All this and so much more on this weeks exciting issue of Chronic Insomnia.  As always, we love the all of you.

Please make sure to check out SuperPub and Hank Longwood.