Chronic Insomnia: # 309 “The Beautiful One”


Baby we're a Star on this weeks "Delirious" Issue of Chronic Insomnia.  As the podcast formally known as Chronic Insomnia, we've changed our name to some random symbols in protest to our oppressive management.  So "Lets Pretend We're Married" and get to some comic book rammin'.

  • You had us at Masturbating in a magazine, Prince
  • Chronic Sells you a Watchtower, in this issues sermon from the mound
  • What did Prince die of, Dance, Music, Sex or Romance?
  • Prince ain't gonna let that elevator break him down, he went crazy.  He is the Schneider of Pasley Park after all
  • Something in the dead puppy water does not compute
  • Let's shake up DC like it's 1999
  • Comics we read:  Badger #1-3, Battleworld Thors TPB, Black Eyed Kids #1 and Harley Quins: Little Black Book #3.

All this and much more on the podcast All The Critics In New York love.  So take us with you and into your ears and enjoy.  As always, we love the all of you.

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